Families and Students: Use the links below for the grades you are ENTERING in September, for supply lists and summer assignments. NOTE: if you do not see a class listed, that means there is not a summer assignment for that class. If we add supplies for any class, we will send an update. Familias y estudiantes: Use los enlaces a continuación para los grados en los que ingresará en septiembre, para obtener listas de suministros y asignaciones de verano. NOTA: si no ve una clase en la lista, eso significa que no hay una tarea de verano para esa clase. Si agregamos suministros para cualquier clase, enviaremos una actualización. 家庭和学生:使用下面的链接查看您在 9 月份入学的成绩、供应清单和暑期作业。注意:如果您没有看到列出的课程,则表示该课程没有暑期作业。如果我们为任何课程添加用品,我们将发送更新。

Supply Lists / LISTAS DE SUMINISTRO / 供应清单

6th Grade 7th Grade – 8th Grade – 9th Grade – 10th Grade – 11th Grade – Algebra 2/Trigonometry – 12th Grade – Math


Summer Assignments / Asignaciones de verano / 暑期作业

6th Grade – 7th Grade – 8th Grade Math: MINIBOOK integers (1).pdf – 9th Grade Reading – 9th Grade Math: Brostrom – 9th Grade Algebra I Summer Assignment.pdf – 10th Grade (scroll below supplies list) – 11th Grade English – all Juniors will be taking: AP Language & Composition  – Algebra 2/Trigonometry: SOF Algebra 2 Summer 2021 Assignment.pdf


Contact Directory


Name Position Email
Goldstein, Stacy Principal [email protected]
Fanning, John


High School Director/Assistant Principal [email protected]

[email protected]

Community & Parent Coordinator

Name Position Email
Rutman, Jaimee Community & Parent Coordinator [email protected]

Pupil Accounting Secretary

Maria Vasquez                   Attendance teacher              [email protected]

Faculty & Staff

Name Position Email
Anthes, Rachelle  6th Grade Humanities Learning Specialist [email protected]
Backner, Tom Social Worker [email protected]
Birden, Emily 9th Grade Biology [email protected]
Bowman, Taisha 10th Grade Chemistry [email protected]
Brostrom, Jacob 9th Grade Algebra 1 [email protected]
Brown, Katherine Math & Science AP [email protected]
Candlin, Jessica 11th & 12th Grade English & AP English [email protected]
Chesler, Scott 11th Grade English & Social Studies Learning Specialist [email protected]
Chin, Jim Technology & School Historian [email protected]
Cooley, Cricket 8th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Copeland, Jeremy 12th Grade US History & Government [email protected]
Costas, Taylor 6th Grade Humanities [email protected]
de Rothschild, Esther Film [email protected]
Droms-Nakano, Piers 6th Grade Math [email protected]
Dukes, Vivett 9th Grade English  [email protected]
Dwinnells, Sarah HS Speech [email protected]
Fendrich, Alexandra 7th Grade Humanities Learning Specialist [email protected]
Green, Ruth School Psychologist [email protected]
Guzman, Kristina 8th Grade Math & Science Learning Specialist [email protected]
Graham, Robin Occupational Therapy [email protected]
Hill, Perrin HS Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Huang, Amanda HS Mandarin [email protected]
Kaufman, Michael 7th Grade Math [email protected]
Kelly, Janine Studio Art [email protected]
Kinory, Adam 10th Grade English [email protected]
Kramer, Sasha 10th Grade Chemistry & Math Learning Specialist [email protected]
Longino, Philip 11th Grade Math & Science Learning Specialist [email protected]
Mark, Daniel 12th Grade Math & Science Learning Specialist [email protected]
Martino, Donnie MS Afterschool Director  [email protected]
McGinnis, Carrie 7th Grade Humanities  [email protected]
Minor, Ian Thomas Connective
Mook, Ben 8th Grade Math [email protected]
Moore, Jim 11th Grade Algebra 2  [email protected]
Murphy, Lauren 12th Grade English & History Learning Specialist [email protected]
Nelson, Yammi Payroll and Purchasing [email protected]
Odlum, Lakisha 8th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Ordonez, Ashley Middle School Spanish [email protected]
Rediker, Eva 9th Grade English and Biology Learning Specialist [email protected]
Roberts, Dahlia 6th Grade Math and Science Learning Specialist  [email protected]
Schmutter, Whitney  MS Speech [email protected]
Shen, Felix 12th Grade Guidance Counselor & College Counselor  [email protected]
Shapiro, Samantha Middle School Guidance [email protected]
Sierra, Diana High School Spanish [email protected]
Simonini, Nathan 10th Grade Global II [email protected]
Smetana, Rick 7th Grade Science [email protected]
Sokol, Thomas Dean of School Culture [email protected]
Sobin, Lisa MS & HS Drama [email protected]
Sorenson, Rebecca 8th Grade Humanities Learning Specialist [email protected]
Stayton, Charles 9th Grade Algebra and Global History Learning Specialist [email protected]
Steiniger, Matt 6th Grade Science [email protected]
Stumpf, Alexandra 6th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Thole, Diane 10th Grade Geometry [email protected]
Thomas, La’Tish Social Worker [email protected]
Thompson, Catherine 11th Grade Government & Economics [email protected]
Thompson, Stephen 10th Grade ICT Learning Specialist [email protected]
Underriner, Scott 11th & 12th Grade Physics [email protected]
Van Duinen, Stephanie 9th Grade Global History I [email protected]
Varrichio, Ron MS Physical Education and MS Athletic Director [email protected]
Vasquez, Maria Pupil Accounting & Attendance [email protected]
Weller, Alena 7th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Wexler, Mike HS Physical Education & HS Athletic Director [email protected]
Whittemore, Michelle 11th & 12th Grade English & AP English [email protected]
Williamston, Quentin 7th grade Math/Science Learning Specialist [email protected]
 Wilson, Akil 12th Grade Statistics & Calculus [email protected]
 Winter, Clayton 8th Grade Science  [email protected]
Nurse 212 475-8086 xt 2031

Suggestions   [email protected]