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 SOF Family Handbook:  English Family Handbook  未来学校家庭手册 2022-2023  Manual de la Escuela del Futuro para la Familia 2022-2023     

School of the Future Competency Based Grading Policy 2022-2023  |. Política de calificación basada en competencias de la Escuela del Futuro 2022-2023  |. 年基于能力的评分政策

SOF Mission Statement.  


Contact Directory


Name Position Email
Goldstein, Stacy Principal

[email protected]

Fanning, John

AP – Operations

AP- Instruction

[email protected]

[email protected]

Community & Parent Coordinator

Name Position Email
Mathew, Lisa Community & Parent Coordinator [email protected]

Pupil Accounting Secretary

Maria Vasquez                   Attendance teacher          [email protected]

Faculty & Staff

Ali Stumpf [email protected]

6th Humanities

Dahlia Roberts [email protected]

6th Learning Specialist

Taylor Costas [email protected]

6th Humanities

Rachelle Anthese [email protected]

6th Learning Specialist

Daniel Hurwitz [email protected]

6th Math

Matt Steinger [email protected]

6th Science

Alena Wellner [email protected]

7th Humanities

Alex Fendrich [email protected]

7th Learning Specialist

Carrie McGinnis [email protected]

7th Humanities

Mike Kaufman [email protected]

7th Math

Malik Pearson [email protected]

7th Learning Specialist

Rick Smetana [email protected]

7th Science

Matt Brown [email protected]

7th, 8th + 9th, Pathways Spanish

Ben Mook [email protected]

8th Math

Clay Winter [email protected]

8th Science

Cricket Cooley [email protected]

8th History

Kristina Guzman [email protected]

8th Learning Specialist

Helen Bermudes [email protected]

8th English

Becca Sorenson [email protected]

8th Learning Specialist

Sasha Kramer [email protected]

9th Learning Specialist

Emily Birden [email protected]

9th Science

Eva Rediker [email protected]

9th English

Steph VanDuinen [email protected]

9th History

Robbie Nelson [email protected]

9th Learning Specialist

Jake Brostrum [email protected]

9th, Pathways Math

Adam Kinory [email protected]

10th English

Diane Thole [email protected]

10th Math

Nate Simonini [email protected]

10th History

Jake Boeri [email protected]

10th, Pathways Learning Specialist

Stephen Thompson [email protected]

10th Learning Specialist

Taisha Bowman [email protected]

10th Science

Diana Sierra [email protected]

9th, 10th + 11th Spanish

Amanda Huang [email protected]

7th, 9th, 10th, 11th Mandarin

Catherine Thompson [email protected]

11th History

Jim Moore [email protected]

11th Math

Jess Weldge [email protected]

11th + 12th Science

Jon Ahn [email protected]

11th English

Edward Wang [email protected]

11th + 12th Science

Phil Longino [email protected]

11th Learning Specialist

Scott Chesler [email protected]

11th Learning Specialist

Lauren Murphy [email protected]

12th Learning Specialist

Akil Wilson [email protected]

12th Math

Daniel Mark [email protected]

12th Learning Specialist

Jeremy Copeland [email protected]

12th History

Esther de Rothchild [email protected]

Pathways Film

Michele Whittemore [email protected]

12th English

Michael Wexler [email protected]

HS PE/Health

Ron Varrichio [email protected]

MS PE/Health

Janine Kelly [email protected]

Electives/Pathways Studio Art

Lisa Sobin [email protected]

Electives/Pathways Drama

Paul Sandberg [email protected]

Electives/Pathways Music

Jimmy Christensen [email protected]

Electives/Pathways Makers Workshop/Digital Media Arts

Camie Manayon [email protected]

6th-12th English as a New Language

Ian Thomas Minor [email protected]

6th-12th Assistant Dean of Culture

La’Tish Thomas [email protected]

6th-12th Social Worker

Tom Sokol  [email protected]

6th-12th Dean of Culture

Perrin Hill  [email protected]

9th-12th HS Guidance Counselor

Sam Shapiro [email protected]

6th-8th MS Guidance Counselor

Felix Shen [email protected]

11th + 12th College Counselor

Jackie Riutort [email protected]

11th Para

Amparito Quinche [email protected]

6th Para

Jennifer Sepulveda [email protected]

12th Para

Darryl Linton [email protected]

6th Para

Liz Wiseman [email protected]

10th Para

MJ Marcelin [email protected]

6th Para

Jim Chin [email protected]

All School Technology Coordinator

Maria Vazquez [email protected]

All School Secretary

Helena Sheppard [email protected]

All School Secretary

Lisa Mathew [email protected]

All School Parent Coordinator

Bahiya Craig. [email protected]

10th Community Associate

Karissa Shenk-Bellamy [email protected]

9th Community Associate

Ruth Green [email protected]

6th-12th School Psychologist

Tom Brackner. [email protected]

6th-12th Social Worker

Viena Dilone[email protected]

6th-12th SBST

Sarah Dwinells  [email protected]

9th-12th Speech

Whitney Schmutter  [email protected]

6th-8th – Speech and OT



212 475-8086 xt 231

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