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Please note the following: School of the Future High School no longer has priority for District 2 (D2) or Manhattan. All students in the city who apply for 9th grade will be equally considered.  9th grade applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until February 25th.  Starting on February 1st, once you have submitted your portfolio, we will contact you within two weeks to schedule an interview.  Please see the admissions tab for more information.


School of the Future Middle School still has D2 priority, but D2 no longer has screening.  Please see the admissions tab for more information.


Contact Directory


Name Position Email
Goldstein, Stacy Principal [email protected]
Fanning, John High School Director/Assistant Principal [email protected]

Community & Parent Coordinator

Name Position Email
Rutman, Jaimee Community & Parent Coordinator [email protected]

Pupil Accounting Secretary

Maria Vasquez                   Attendance teacher              [email protected]

Faculty & Staff

Name Position Email
Anthes, Rachelle  6th Grade Humanities Learning Specialist [email protected]
Backner, Tom Social Worker [email protected]
Birden, Emily 9th Grade Biology [email protected]
Bowman, Taisha 10th Grade Chemistry [email protected]
Brostrom, Jacob 9th Grade Algebra 1 [email protected]
Brown, Katherine Math & Science AP [email protected]
Candlin, Jessica 11th & 12th Grade English & AP English [email protected]
Chesler, Scott 11th Grade English & Social Studies Learning Specialist [email protected]
Chin, Jim Technology & School Historian [email protected]
Cooley, Cricket 8th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Copeland, Jeremy 12th Grade US History & Government [email protected]
Costas, Taylor 6th Grade Humanities [email protected]
de Rothschild, Esther Film [email protected]
Droms-Nakano, Piers 6th Grade Math [email protected]
Dukes, Vivett 9th Grade English  [email protected]
Dwinnells, Sarah HS Speech [email protected]
Fendrich, Alexandra 7th Grade Humanities Learning Specialist [email protected]
Green, Ruth School Psychologist [email protected]
Guzman, Kristina 8th Grade Math & Science Learning Specialist [email protected]
Graham, Robin Occupational Therapy [email protected]
Hill, Perrin HS Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Huang, Amanda HS Mandarin [email protected]
Kaufman, Michael 7th Grade Math [email protected]
Kelly, Janine Studio Art [email protected]
Kinory, Adam 10th Grade English [email protected]
Kramer, Sasha 10th Grade Chemistry & Math Learning Specialist [email protected]
Longino, Philip 11th Grade Math & Science Learning Specialist [email protected]
Mark, Daniel 12th Grade Math & Science Learning Specialist [email protected]
Martino, Donnie MS Afterschool Director  [email protected]
McGinnis, Carrie 7th Grade Humanities  [email protected]
Minor, Ian Thomas Connective
Mook, Ben 8th Grade Math [email protected]
Moore, Jim 11th Grade Algebra 2  [email protected]
Murphy, Lauren 12th Grade English & History Learning Specialist [email protected]
Nelson, Yammi Payroll and Purchasing [email protected]
Odlum, Lakisha 8th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Ordonez, Ashley Middle School Spanish [email protected]
Rediker, Eva 9th Grade English and Biology Learning Specialist [email protected]
Roberts, Dahlia 6th Grade Math and Science Learning Specialist  [email protected]
Schmutter, Whitney  MS Speech [email protected]
Shen, Felix 12th Grade Guidance Counselor & College Counselor  [email protected]
Shapiro, Samantha Middle School Guidance [email protected]
Sierra, Diana High School Spanish [email protected]
Simonini, Nathan 10th Grade Global II [email protected]
Smetana, Rick 7th Grade Science [email protected]
Sokol, Thomas Dean of School Culture [email protected]
Sobin, Lisa MS & HS Drama [email protected]
Sorenson, Rebecca 8th Grade Humanities Learning Specialist [email protected]
Stayton, Charles 9th Grade Algebra and Global History Learning Specialist [email protected]
Steiniger, Matt 6th Grade Science [email protected]
Stumpf, Alexandra 6th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Thole, Diane 10th Grade Geometry [email protected]
Thomas, La’Tish Social Worker [email protected]
Thompson, Catherine 11th Grade Government & Economics [email protected]
Thompson, Stephen 10th Grade ICT Learning Specialist [email protected]
Underriner, Scott 11th & 12th Grade Physics [email protected]
Van Duinen, Stephanie 9th Grade Global History I [email protected]
Varrichio, Ron MS Physical Education and MS Athletic Director [email protected]
Vasquez, Maria Pupil Accounting & Attendance [email protected]
Weller, Alena 7th Grade Humanities [email protected]
Wexler, Mike HS Physical Education & HS Athletic Director [email protected]
Whittemore, Michelle 11th & 12th Grade English & AP English [email protected]
Williamston, Quentin 7th grade Math/Science Learning Specialist [email protected]
 Wilson, Akil 12th Grade Statistics & Calculus [email protected]
 Winter, Clayton 8th Grade Science  [email protected]
Nurse 212 475-8086 xt 2031

Suggestions   [email protected]