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Meet SOF

Mike-ZitoloMichael Zitolo

Eleventh and Twelfth Grade Physics

“SOF is a great place to work for many reasons. SOF maintains a rigorous atmosphere for all of its members. Students are pushed to develop and hone critical thinking skills while teachers work collaboratively to perfect their craft, as well. Further, I love how all of the teachers build curricula around authentic, real-world problems and issues. We also have a strong community here. I know many of the students here, even though I don’t teach them, because of events like SOF on the Block, SoulFest, and musical productions. Students, teachers, and family members are always willing to volunteer to help the school for events like these.”

Lauren-GorelovLauren Gorelov

Drama Teacher and Director of Theater Programs

“I love sharing my love of the theater and all aspects of the arts with teenagers. Young people are so impressionable and imaginative as it is, and drama allows them to explore current issues in a safe and fun environment. Drama helps kids find true and unique voices and gives them courage and confidence to speak up as individuals. Watching a student open up after a semester of drama class, or come to life on stage in a play, is exhilarating. I love being able to teach and encourage creativity, empathy, and passion for the arts.”

Lisa DavisLisa Davis

7th Grade Parent and Member of the School Leadership Team (SLT)

“I felt that School of the Future would cater to the individual learning needs of my children. To me, this meant providing an environment that would celebrate their strengths and also help them with their challenges in a proactive and positive way. In addition, I wanted my children to be in a school with a diverse population of students. Finally, I also wanted a school that I felt would address any bullying or social situations that can often arise in the middle school years.”

Wendy ChatmanWendy Chatman

8th and 11th Grade Parent

“I was immediately impressed by the emphasis on academic achievement and emotional growth. I also had the feeling – and it has proved to be true for all three of my children who attend SOF – that each would be treated as an individual. There is no single cookie-cutter vision of a student at the school. Rather, there is a focus on developing unique strengths and overcoming unique challenges.”

Tad-CrawfordTad Crawford

10th Grade Parent

“I admire the philosophy of School of the Future. Instilling individual initiative and responsibility while being able to work well in groups, can only be positive in terms of future challenges. I was impressed by the administration and faculty, not to mention the spirited quality of the student body”


Isobel Connelly

Class of 2016

“SOF is unlike any other school out there. The learning environment makes it possible for the student to reach their full potential by pushing them to do their best but also offering support when needed. The school is very small, which some may not like, but with a smaller community the grade can become a family, something that is usually an impossibility in new york city high schools. At SOF this is a wonderful reality.”