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Please note the following: School of the Future High School no longer has priority for District 2 (D2) or Manhattan. All students in the city who apply for 9th grade will be equally considered.  9th grade applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until February 25th.  Starting on February 1st, once you have submitted your portfolio, we will contact you within two weeks to schedule an interview.  Please see the admissions tab for more information.


School of the Future Middle School still has D2 priority, but D2 no longer has screening.  Please see the admissions tab for more information.


Scott Underriner

ScottUnderriner11th and 12th Grade Physics

Why are you an educator? Why do you love teaching?

I’m an educator for a lot of reasons, but primarily because I love inspiring those lightbulb moments in students.  To see students make connections between material and apply to their own lives is inspiring. Being able to create and witness those moments is incredibly rewarding.

What makes the School of the Future experience different from others you’ve had?

Hard to say!  SoF has been my teaching home since I was a student teacher. After my student teaching, I knew I wanted to continue at SoF.  The way the staff are empowered to design their own and implement their own curriculum, and the high quality of the staff mean students get to learn about topics in depth that they might not even hear about in a more traditional school.

What other activities/programs (at SOF or outside of the school) are you involved with?

I run the schools games club, a club for high school students to socialize with each other and to make the classroom space a more personal space.  I also advise students on standardized tests for college. I’ve been involved with science club and yearbook too!

What is your advice to aspiring teachers?

Try to work at a school before becoming a full time teacher.  I substitute taught before beginning my teaching program – any experience in schools is super valuable!

Why do you like working at SOF?

Our school is full of amazingly talented teachers and staff members, and great students too.  Teachers bring their unique talents and strengths to deliver on some really novel and engaging lessons for our students.