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SOF Mission Statement.


Lisa Davis

Lisa DavisParent of Isabella and Julianna Davis ‘20 and Member of the School Leadership Team (SLT)

Why did you select School of the Future for your student?
I felt that School of the Future (SOF) would cater to the individual learning needs of my children. To me, this meant providing an environment that would celebrate their strengths and also help them with their challenges in a proactive and positive way. In addition, I wanted my children to be in a school with a diverse population of students. Finally, I also wanted a school that I felt would address any bullying or social situations that can often arise in the middle school years.

What is your impression of SOF from your student? How have they grown since attending SOF?
To answer, I will quote my children directly in terms of their experiences and impressions. “The teachers challenge and believe in us. We love SOF.” In terms of growth, I have found that my children are becoming more independent and accountable for their school work. I expect this to increase as they continue to mature and with guidance from the SOF faculty.

What is the most important aspect of your student’s education and how is SOF helping to attain that?
Education and attaining a solid education has always been in focus in our family. SOF encourages hard work, wants its students to challenge themselves but also encourages students to be critical and independent thinkers. We very much like this balance.

What is the role of Parents in the SOF school community?
From my perspective, I believe the role of any parent is to be engaged as much as possible in their children’s education and school community, which can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Attendance at PTA meetings, volunteering to assist with events, providing ways to increase fundraising, and, most importantly, partnering and collaborating with teachers to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom are some examples of parent involvement. Asking how can I help, finding out what is needed and keeping an open dialogue with teachers and the school’s administration—the more involvement from parents, the stronger the school community becomes for our children.