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Michael Zitolo

Eleventh and Twelfth Grade Physics

Mike-ZitoloWhy are you an educator? Why do you love teaching?
I became a science teacher because I enjoy working with young adults, helping them to prepare for the life’s future challenges while exposing them to the awesome field of physics. My goal is to encourage as many of my students as possible to pursue a passion in a STEM-related field. Even for those students who may not wish to go on to study science after high school, there are so many important skills and ideas that one can develop while studying physics.

Why do you like working at SOF?
SOF is a great place to work for many reasons. SOF maintains a rigorous atmosphere for all of its members. Students are pushed to develop and hone critical thinking skills while teachers work collaboratively to perfect their craft, as well. Further, I love how all of the teachers build curricula around authentic, real-world problems and issues. We also have a strong community here. I know many of the students here, even though I don’t teach them, because of events like SOF on the Block, SoulFest, and musical productions. Students, teachers, and family members are always willing to volunteer to help the school for events like these.

What other activities/programs (at SOF or outside of the school) are you involved with?
Science Club Advisor and GSA Advisor

Favorite inspirational quote?
“Life’s purpose is to leave the world in a better state than you found it. The trick is to have fun while you do it.” –Anonymous