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Tad Crawford

Tad-CrawfordParent of Christopher Crawford ‘17

Why did you select School of the Future?
I admire the philosophy of School of the Future. Instilling individual initiative and responsibility while being able to work well in groups, can only be positive in terms of future challenges. I was impressed by the administration and faculty, not to mention the spirited quality of the student body.

What is your impression of SOF from your student? How have they grown since attending SOF?
My son values the education he has received in both middle school and high school. He has found his teachers to be excellent without exception and has enjoyed the social life of the community. He has grown immensely in terms of studying, learning, expression, a widened worldview, and the taking of responsibility.

What is the most important aspect of your student’s education and how is SOF helping to attain that?
SOF encourages the student to take more and more responsibility in an age appropriate sequence. This applies to all courses and all aspects of school life. It is a preparation for the demands of college and career that will prove invaluable.

What is the role of Parents in the SOF school community?
Parents have many ways to participate in the SOF community. For example, parents can monitor how their student performs by visiting Pupilpath and attending the periodic meetings with the faculty. Parents can also become involved in the Parents Association and help with the many activities that affect school life. Donating is also an excellent way to play a role with respect to the school. The SOF community welcomes help or participation in whatever form a parent may wish to or feel comfortable in offering.