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Please note the following: School of the Future High School no longer has priority for District 2 (D2) or Manhattan. All students in the city who apply for 9th grade will be equally considered.  9th grade applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until February 25th.  Starting on February 1st, once you have submitted your portfolio, we will contact you within two weeks to schedule an interview.  Please see the admissions tab for more information.


School of the Future Middle School still has D2 priority, but D2 no longer has screening.  Please see the admissions tab for more information.


Wendy Chatman

Wendy ChatmanParent of Carly and Rocky ‘19

Why did you select School of the Future?
When my first child walked into SOF for a tour, she turned to me and said, “I like the vibe here.” It’s been 5 years, and that feeling has never changed. Specifically, I was immediately impressed by the emphasis on academic achievement and emotional growth. I also had the feeling – and it has proved to be true for all three of my children who attend SOF – that each would be treated as an individual. There is no single cookie-cutter vision of a student at the school. Rather, there is a focus on developing unique strengths and overcoming unique challenges. Add all that to teachers and staff that I think are unsurpassed in their skill and commitment – which, we all know, means everything.

What is your impression of SOF from your students? How have they grown since attending SOF?
My kids all like SOF, again not in a cookie-cutter way but in a way that seems very authentic to me. They don’t pretend to believe that any school (or any place) is perfect. Rather, they work their way through the challenges that come up. And they appreciate the patience and dedication of their teachers. I can’t quantify their growth since attending SOF because it is a constant. Teenage years are complex and they continue to evolve. SOF realizes this and works with each student to make him/her feel as successful as possible.

What is the most important aspect of your students’ educations and how is SOF helping to attain that?
Again, I wanted a school that sees what my kids can do…and then inspires them to do even more. Our school is rigorous academically. It is. But, the students can handle it…they do handle it. They also develop as people – finding that emotional and social balance. It’s all important, and the school works to nurture the kids.

What is the role of the Parents in the SOF school community?
The doors are open! Unlike other schools my children have attended, the parents are not merely tolerated. They are welcomed as a vibrant part of the school. The teachers and staff seem open to parent input and seem interested in having meaningful dialogue.