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College & Career

School of the Future is a college preparatory secondary school. Throughout high school, students are supported in learning how to prepare themselves for applying and getting into the college of their choice.

Bridge to College

In the ninth and tenth grades, students take a class called Bridge to College. In this class, students learn how to set long- and short-term goals, the importance of good academic work habits, how to set expectations, and how to identify strengths—and those are just some of the concepts learned in the course. As students move up to the eleventh and twelfth grades, they have opportunities to focus more on preparing for the college application process.

SOF Fall College Trip 2016

SOF visited Pennsylvania on October 20-21 for an overnight college trip. Schools visited were Temple University, Drexel University, Franklin and Marshall and Ursinus College. 10th, 11th and 12th graders got to visit large and small public and private colleges in urban and suburban settings.

SAT and ACT Prep

SOF has tenth and eleventh graders take SAT and ACT prep classes twice a week during the daily schedule for a very small fee. Working with a prestigious outside company named Revolution Prep, all tenth and eleventh graders have an opportunity to receive excellent SAT and ACT prep training for when that important national test comes along. We feel this is a great equalizer in terms of making sure all students have a good chance of getting into the school of their choice. Low-fee test prep is one of the many important things made possible by Parents Association funding.

Senior Institute

In eleventh and twelfth grade, a time known as Senior Institute, students take a college class once a week taught by Felix Shen, our high school college counselor. In this class, students learn how to apply to college, the types of colleges they might be interested in applying to, and how to write the college essay.

Along with this college class, we offer courses that have been certified by the NYC Department of Education as “College Readiness Courses,” such as calculus, physics 2, and AP classes in environmental science and English Literature. We also offer Baruch College classes, taught by visiting professors to our school. Students can take these courses at SOF and/or they can take college courses at Baruch and Hunter College, as well as NYU. In all college courses, students can earn college credits.

SOF juniors and seniors are also given the opportunity to visit colleges in upstate New York and Boston. There are several colleges that make the effort to come to SOF to present their colleges to our students. We are proud of our College Readiness program; it has helped our students over the past several years get into such prestigious colleges and universities as New York University, Tufts, University of Pennsylvania, Brandeis, Wesleyan, Pomona, Cornell, University of Virginia, Columbia, Barnard, University of Southern California, Middlebury, and Stony Brook as well as New York State Universities and many more.

The Internship Program at SOF

The internship program is an exciting opportunity for students to gain career experience in areas that interests them. Through unpaid internships, students are able to acquire job skills, meet new people, and develop their professionalism. Students at SOF choose to intern for a variety of organizations: businesses, schools, community service organizations, museums, arts organizations, and many more.

Here’s a sample from this semester:
Mark’s Bookkeeping Services
NYC Councilman Corey Johnson’s Office
Columbia University Physics Lab
Gotham Veterinary
Safe Horizon
Dewitt Head Start
Bellevue Hospital
Ludlow Garage
The Intrepid Museum
Bullfrog and Baum Marketing Agency
Finish Line Physical Therapy
Garrison Architects
Prospect Park Zoo
ELR Media Group
Ethik Clothing Company

For one semester during both junior and senior years at SOF, students have available time on Thursday afternoons to attend an internship. Internship students are dismissed at 12:30.

Students also attend an internship class that meets once a week. In this class, students learn skills such as how to create a professional résumé, be successful in a job interview, create a budget, and use a credit card responsibly. They also discuss their experiences at their internships.

Students are assessed for their work at their internship site and in internship class. Supervisors at the internship sites complete final evaluation forms that determine most of the students’ grades. The remaining portion is based on the work students complete in internship class.

If parents and students have questions or if a parent is interested in having an SOF student intern, contact:

Emily Birden (Internship Coordinator)
[email protected]

The Internship Program Website

Here is what some of our students have said about their internships.

“I experienced many new things in internship class (budgets, credit cards, credit scores, résumés, cover letters) and I learned many skills at my internship that I can put on my résumé.” – Nikki Sherman ’11

“My supervisor told me I was able to help out in ways that were crucial to the organization.”
Simone Mitchell ’12

“I made a bunch of connections. I wouldn’t be doing half the things I’m doing right now if it wasn’t for my internship at Holographic Studios. I kept my internship for two years. We never do the same thing each day and I learned a lot and had fun.”
Remy Cucui ‘12

“My internships at Veterinary Offices put me ahead of other students interested in studying veterinary medicine.” – Yazmin Pena ’11

“I think interning is helpful. It shows that we are well-rounded compared to kids who only take classes. I also really liked the mock interview in internship class.” – Jay McCarthy ’12

“Interning makes me ahead of the game. I am prepared to present myself professionally. I learned skills I will apply beyond high school. It shows I am a well-rounded student who can balance work and school.” – Aisatou Toure ’11