A letter from our Chancellor, Carmen Fariña:




Meet SOF Faculty

Our teachers bring their life experience and intellect into the classroom.

At School of the Future, we have dynamic teachers who are committed to making school a meaningful and exciting experience for our students.

Janine-KellyJanine Kelly

Art Teacher

“My goal as an art teacher has been to make students who are hesitant in making art (specifically drawing/painting), those who don’t feel they are “good” at art, more comfortable. For those who are comfortable, skilled artists, I try to push them to take more risks in art making.”
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Ben MookBen Mook

Eight Grade Math & Team Leader

“I have visited other schools and witnessed a lot of great teaching. But SOF is my home. While other places espouse values like learning culture and community, SOF truly lives them. I have the privilege to teach in an environment where I am pushed to succeed, but supported as I take risks and challenge myself.”
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Mike-ZitoloMichael Zitolo

Eleventh and Twelfth Grade Physics

“SOF is a great place to work for many reasons. SOF maintains a rigorous atmosphere for all of its members. Students are pushed to develop and hone critical thinking skills while teachers work collaboratively to perfect their craft, as well.”
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Diane-TholeDiane Thole

Tenth Grade Algebra II/Pre-Calc teacher

“SOF’s small team structure is like nothing I have ever had at any other school I have worked at before. Likewise, I have never before had the opportunity to teach an entire class in ninth grade and then teach that entire class again in eleventh grade. Having the non-pressure situation of not teaching to a Regents Exam is something that drew me to SOF.”
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Christopher McCloudChristopher McCloud

Seventh Grade Math

“I have never endeavored upon something so simultaneously challenging and rewarding as teaching…Nurturing and facilitating the emotional, social, and intellectual growth of each student is a challenge I face as an adolescent educator. When I consider the aggregate of these challenges, I am instantly overwhelmed by the enormity of the responsibilities of being a teacher.”
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Carrie-McGinnisCarrie McGinnis

Instructional Coordinator

“I love being a literature teacher because reading opens us to so many possibilities: it can provide us with an escape into new worlds, help us understand our own world a bit better, and enable us to make sense of our experiences and our lives.”
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Cricket CooleyCornelia “Cricket” Cooley

Eighth Grade Humanities

“The school is far more diverse in every sense than the other schools I have taught in, so the kids and teachers really can learn from each others’ experiences. It is hard to push critical thinking and teach alternative perspectives in homogeneous environments. SOF is anything but homogeneous!”
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Catherine ThompsonCatherine Thompson

Eleventh and Twelfth Grade History/Politics/Government

“I came to teaching through a deep love of learning and a desire to serve—as I was by my own teachers. I teach because, for me, it’s the most effective and immediate way to change the world. I believe education is, or at least it can be, enabling, empowering, and a place of holistic growth.”
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Felix-ShenFelix Shen

College Counselor

“I love being able to be guide students with their transition into adulthood. It is quite rewarding and humbling to see that I could play a small part in their lives and potentially make a positive impact.”
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Jeremy CopelandJeremy Copeland

Twelfth Grade US History & Government

“I love teaching because it forces me to think critically about everything. It keeps me on my toes. And, while this is as cliche as it gets, teaching is very rewarding. I’ve been doing it for quite awhile, and I still get choked up every year during graduation.”
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Lauren-GorelovLauren Gorelov

Drama Teacher and Director of Theater Programs

“I love sharing my love of the theater and all aspects of the arts with teenagers. Young people are so impressionable and imaginative as it is, and drama allows them to explore current issues in a safe and fun environment. Drama helps kids find true and unique voices and gives them courage and confidence to speak up as individuals.”
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Jessica-CandlinJessica Candlin

Eleventh & Twelfth Grade English

“One thing that stands out to me is the enthusiasm for learning that the staff passes on to their students. Every teacher and administrator at SOF genuinely loves to learn. Our shared passion promotes critical thinking and authentic learning throughout the grades and across subject areas.”
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Diana SierraDiana Sierra

High School Spanish

“To be a teacher means to care, to understand, and to be compassionate to others. It is important to remember that all students are not the same and should be treated as individuals. Also, make sure that you love and are passionate about the subject you teach.”
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