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Important Info for upcoming PA meeting and Executive Board Elections!
We are taking nominations for Executive Board positions: President/Co-President, Recording Secretary/Co_Secretary, Communications Secretary/Co-Secretary, Treasurer/Co-Treasurer. If you are interested in sending in a nomination or have any questions, please e-mail Juliette Jones – [email protected]

*All nominations are due by Tuesday, May 4th, and will be posted 10 day prior to our June meeting.
*Tuesday, June 1st  @6pm, PA Zoom Meeting: to vote in Executive Board for 21/22 school year.


Felix Shen

College Counselor

Felix-ShenWhy are you an educator? Why do you love teaching?
I love being able to guide students with their transition into adulthood. It is quite rewarding and humbling to see that I could play a small part in their lives and potentially make a positive impact.

What makes the School of the Future experience different from others you’ve had?
I am proud to say SOF is the first school I have worked at after graduate school. I feel that this school does a great job pushing students to think critically and independently.

What other activities/programs (at SOF or outside of the school) are you involved with?
I have been coaching girls varsity basketball and boys varsity baseball for the past ten years. I am a big believer that participating in extracurricular activities at SOF will help you feel better connected and more comfortable here.

What is your advice to aspiring teachers?
Understand that the first year is hard no matter how much energy you have and how prepared you are. Make sure you pace yourself and find time for yourself away from school.

Why do you like working at SOF?
The diversity and good-naturedness of the students. The staff is exceptional here.