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Monday June 20

Exhibition Schedule -Senior Institute – June 2016          
  Monday June 20        
Room Presenter Sponsor Facilitator Student #1 Student #2
506 Whitney Jiang Ferrara Deonarine Drew P Mary P
703 Fabian Johnson Mark Thole Lodovico P Branden R
701 Michael Ramsey Zitolo Wong Max F Max R
411 Junior Augustin (History represent) Economou Murphy Ivaleez G Aiden S
805 Alex Garcia (History represent) Sierra Copeland Melek S Justin G
500 Raven Callendar (History represent) VanDuinen Thompson Maya M Malik J
 603  Henry Ramos (English represent)  Birden  Candlin  Carrig T  Destiny C
 700  Jack Doyle  Casteen  Wilson  Sophia C  Claudia P
Room Presenter Sponsor Facilitator Student #1 Student #2
506 Pamela Lahoz Mark Deonarine Samantha R Max R
 CONF  Natalie Murrillo (History represent)  Birden Fanning  Kyra H
411 Ivaleez Gracia (History represent) Economou Thompson Aiden S Junior A
600 Melek Sulejman (English represent) Costas Kinory Raven C Alex G
 700  Noel Esteves  Casteen  Thole  Victoria TH  Noah G
Room Presenter Sponsor Facilitator Student #1 Student #2
601 Aiden Stack (English represent) Candlin Chesler Junior A Alex G
600 Maya McGinnity (English represent) Costas Rediker Ivaleez G Melek S
602 Justin Gosine (History represent) Copeland Murphy Raven C Amanda H
 704  Nicole Lopez  Ferrara  Wilson  Ashley R  Branden R
 700  Ben Gordon  Casteen  Deonarine  Cynthia G  Guthrie MV