Tour dates for  High School are now available for registration. 6th grade will be available to register on September 14th.

6th Grade

9th Grade


Entering 9th Grade

There are different procedures for the middle and the high school application. Each process is described separately—middle school (sixth grade) and high school (ninth grade).

Students from all New York City school districts are eligible to apply to the SOF high school.

Click here for SOF’s High School Admissions criteria

Procedures for Entrance into Ninth Grade

Step 1: Come to an Open House
SOF hosts two open houses in the fall. Please understand that because the open houses have limited capacity, applicants will be booked in date and time order (first come first served).  Register below:

Friday, September 28th, 2:00pm

Friday, October 19th, 2:00pm

Due to personnel constraints, we cannot take requests over the phone.

Step 2: Apply to School of the Future
Eighth Graders: List School of the Future on the high school application that you will receive from your guidance counselor or coordinator for high school admissions. Because SOF is in high demand, if you rank SOF as one of your top choices, you have a better chance of being matched with SOF. Although SOF is a screened program, we are still part of the Department of Education’s matching process.

Students must fill out the Interview Request Form below and do the MANDATORY essay to be eligible for one of our interview sessions.  Please print out the form and follow the instructions.

 Click for Interview Request Form


Step 3: Come for an Interview
All students who email an will be contacted via email with an appointment date. Please fill out and do the essay and EMAIL back to [email protected]

ALL interviews for high school admissions are being held on Saturday, December 8th. There will be 2 sessions that day.  All interview requests must be in by Monday, November 26th, 6pm .  You will only get one chance to interview.

In addition, once the interview date is set, we ask that students bring in the following items on their interview date:

  • Student portfolio must include recent math, science, and humanities work
    (Please note any student work or information submitted will not be returned to the student.)
  • Standardized test scores

Thank you. Good luck!