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Important Information

Fall HS Sports Information

A physical examination form is necessary for all students trying out for Fall/Winter/Spring sports.  If your child already has a HS PSAL physical form on file at the school, it will be valid for ONE YEAR from the original examination date. All new physicals must be signed and stamped by your physician (or from a doctor at a walk in clinic such as City MD), and must be completed on the updated PSAL physical examination from.  As per PSAL rules, any other forms (such as a computer printout from your doctor) will NOT be accepted.

Click here for Physical form

In addition to a physical form, a parental consent form is also required for tryouts.  Please make sure ALL 13 parts are initialed by a parent or guardian (not by the student).

Click here for Parental Consent form


BOYS VARSITY SOCCER tryouts will be on 8/16/19 at 5pm at Randall’s Island.  Field TBA.  Additional tryout dates will be posted for those unavailable for first tryout.

GIRLS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL tryouts will be 9/2/19, 9/3/19, and 9/4/19 from 3pm to 5pm in the SOF gym.

GIRLS VARSITY SOCCER tryouts will be on 8/19/19 at Randall’s island.  Time (will be afternoon) and Field TBA.

Any questions, please email Athletic Director Mike Wexler at [email protected]
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School of the Future - New York City Public School