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Please note the following: School of the Future High School no longer has priority for District 2 (D2) or Manhattan. All students in the city who apply for 9th grade will be equally considered.  9th grade applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until February 25th.  Starting on February 1st, once you have submitted your portfolio, we will contact you within two weeks to schedule an interview.  Please see the admissions tab for more information.


School of the Future Middle School still has D2 priority, but D2 no longer has screening.  Please see the admissions tab for more information.

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Ninth Grade Highlights


9th grade Biologists have enjoyed designing investigations with three live specimens (termites, pillbugs & bacteria) and have reported their most recent discoveries in their first Lab Report of the year. We are looking forward to the genetics unit where students will have the opportunity to bioengineer e.coli bacteria as well as debate bioethical issues such as transgenics and GMO foods.

The student-elected bi-weekly biologist awards went to Seim Wolderufael, Haze Booth, John Stets, Jonah Morgulas, Lucia Hassen, Van James Huynh, Xanthe Soter, and Octavia Washington.


9th grade history students have been pondering the question: “What are the makings of an ideal society?” and using evidence from the Greek city states of Athens and Sparta to help them answer this question. Next, we’ll examine the same question through the lens of ancient Rome and think about how US has been shaped by Rome. Over the next two weeks, students will be debating this question and working on their first large argumentative essay. Then, we’ll turn our focus to a Comparative Religions unit.

Also, the first Junior Historian awards for excellence in work habits were given out to Xanthe Soter, Annika Langberg, Jenny Kam & Sophie Correa.

9th grade section B students were audience to a guest lecture on contemporary Native American issues from 11th grader Brittany Rodriguez. Students did a great job connecting the issues facing Native Americans to their studies of Ancient Greece by discussing the role of government in an ideal society.

Algebra 1:

9th grade Algebra 1 students created mini projects about the relationship between vehicle stopping distances and car crashes. Students were able to calculate the speed of vehicles using quadratic equations and determine, in most cases, that the people involved would still be alive had they not been speeding, drinking, texting etc. as all of these delay the stopping distance of a vehicle.
SOF Ninth Grade Highlights
SOF Ninth Grade Highlights

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School of the Future - New York City Public School