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Important Info for upcoming PA meeting and Executive Board Elections!
We are taking nominations for Executive Board positions: President/Co-President, Recording Secretary/Co_Secretary, Communications Secretary/Co-Secretary, Treasurer/Co-Treasurer. If you are interested in sending in a nomination or have any questions, please e-mail Juliette Jones – [email protected]

*All nominations are due by Tuesday, May 4th, and will be posted 10 day prior to our June meeting.
*Tuesday, June 1st  @6pm, PA Zoom Meeting: to vote in Executive Board for 21/22 school year.


Meet SOF Families

“I think the most important aspect of my child’s education is her natural curiosity about the world, which drives her desire to learn. Educational institutions all too often knock that right out of children at a young age. SOF has fed that natural curiosity and given her strong foundational skills in literacy and numeracy so she can become a life-long learner. I really think that is the best one can hope for in a school.” –Andrea Weiss

Parents Association

How Can You Get Involved?

SOF provides amazing opportunities for our children. The support of the Parents Association builds and nurtures a strong community of SOF families by increasing engagement and spirit as well as raising money for programs that the DOE budget does not fund. Keeping SOF strong is a commitment that each family must make to keep the excellent school we treasure…

Why We’re Different

An energetic, educational community

At SOF our philosophy is to promote critical thinking through deep inquiry and rigorous academics in a caring environment. The vision of our school is to help each student determine and reach their individual potential in math, science, humanities and the arts as well as social areas. Our students graduate as life-long learners and socially conscious participants in their communities.