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 SOF Family Handbook:  English Family Handbook  未来学校家庭手册 2022-2023  Manual de la Escuela del Futuro para la Familia 2022-2023     

School of the Future Competency Based Grading Policy 2022-2023  |. Política de calificación basada en competencias de la Escuela del Futuro 2022-2023  |. 年基于能力的评分政策

SOF Mission Statement.  

Humans of SoF 2

Humans of SoF 2

1/4 Carl was a remarkably genuine, kind, and considerate person. He had a way of making you feel heard and cared about. As his colleague, I was always struck by this gravity he had about him. Whether we were talking about the weekend or an issue that came up with a student or class, his energy set the right tone–one of respect, kindness, patience, and wisdom. He was a passionate educator who approached the career the right way. I walked away from every conversation with him wanting to carry myself the way he did, to listen the way he did, to show kindness the way he did. He motivated me to be a better educator and a better person. To me, that was one of his gifts–a huge presence in the quietest, humblest way. I’ll miss him. Carl Fields, a beloved paraprofessional at SOF for over 20 years, passed away in January. He is remembered here by our dean, Tom Sokol

2/4 On my first day of 7th grade, you said I was a great kid when I was in a breakout room with you. Thank you for taking away all my stress and anxiety on that day and being a great teacher. Rest in peace.

3/4 I remember sometimes Carl would come into our class last year and he would brighten peoples day so easily and he would just strike up conversation. He could read a room so well, and if I was sad and I ran into him in the hallway, he would always make sure that I was ok. He did the same for everyone; he was just all around a great person.

4/4 You were the first person to really make me feel welcome when I was first attending SOF and I remember how you quite literally took me under your wing and guided me through my younger years. Even when you weren’t in my class, you still always spit game and talked to me to keep my head on straight as a young black male. I will always remember you telling jokes and trying to be there and making people feel like they were noticed. You are an exceptional human being and I pray you are flying high and still being the amazing guy you always were. I love you Carl! You will be missed by many! This news made me so sad but i know your in a better place.