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SOF Mission Statement.


Clubs for High School

SOF HS Clubs

Click here for 2020/2021 HS Clubs 

Click here for 2020/2021 HS Clubs (Phone friendly version)

Asian Culture Club with Ms.Huang: Mondays 8:30am – 9:30am. Zoom link here (Meeting ID: 991 4714 7466; Passcode: ACC)

From Peking Opera to K-pop, from dumplings to sushi, Asian Culture Club provides a bridge between different cultures and allows students to feel connected and feel presented. More than ever, it is important to have space in a school community where we can share and celebrate diversity and learn about each other. It is a club for students to have the opportunity to gain knowledge about Asian cultures. It is a place for everyone to come together to build relationships with fellow students from different cultural backgrounds. It is also a place for students to express themselves through their own uniqueness.

Black/Latinx Culture Club with Bowman and Copeland: Tuesdays 4-5pm starting November 3rd. Zoom link here (Meeting ID: 760 8999 8820; Passcode: ba9Qx2)

This club may be combined with Ms. Bowman’s club (still working that out). It would be a space to celebrate the historical and cultural achievements/legacy of black and brown people in the United States. We would watch films or other video clips to address important issues, particularly things that arose on the BLACK@SOF Instagram page. I am particularly interested in addressing colorism and its implications in our community.

Chess with Mr. Longino: Fridays between 3 – 4pm. Zoom link here

Come out and join the SOF chess club meeting weekly on Fridays between 3 – 4pm! We will congregate on Zoom and use (or other online platforms) to explore chess strategy through competitive games and tournaments. Whether you are a beginner just learning the basics or a seasoned veteran who wants to hone their skills, players of all levels are welcome!

Conspiracy Theories, Unsolved Mysteries and Crimes with Srta. Ordoñez: Mondays 11:55am – 12:35pm. Zoom link here (Meeting ID: 752 979 1021; Passcode: q3t3rH)

This club is open to all students! Conspiracies are plans, plots, to harm and conspire against someone and/or a group of people. Conspiracies are extremely controversial, as many disagree with the ideas that they exist. In our club, we will discuss conspiracies, how they’ve formed the thoughts and opinions of many in society. In addition to discussing most familiar and current theories that may have altered our society in some way, if at all! Additionally, we will also touch upon the most interesting of topics, unsolved mysteries and crimes. Not only will we discuss these topics, but also watch documentaries of the most prominent mysteries. Lastly, we will end our club as detectives and solve a crime by critically thinking, paying close attention to detail and using other strategies and tactics to successfully solve a case! 

Creative Writing Club with Candlin: Fridays 11:55am – 12:35pm. Zoom link here (Meeting ID: 899 2296 1161; Passcode:  054010)

If you want to do some free writing and share with other writers, come to this workshop. Together we’ll spend time writing side by side, voluntarily sharing what we come up with, and offering one another warm feedback on our work. This is a great chance to connect with other people and express yourself in a low-stakes atmosphere. Students who are interested in workshopping more formal writing, such as college essays or contest submissions are also welcome. 

Drama Club (high school) with Ms. Sobin: Tuesdays at 11:55am – 12:35pm. Zoom link here

Creativity is power! We may not have a stage but we do have a whole new platform to explore. Let’s have some fun as we create, connect, and perform. 

Games Club with Mr. Underriner: Fridays from 3:10-3:40. Zoom link here (Meeting ID: 510 645 1804; Passcode: 4gtpSV)

Games club is a social club for high school students to have fun and build relationships and fond memories with one another.  Students will have the opportunity to play a variety of online games with one another to foster community and fun.  Games include Among Us, Jackbox Party Pack, Pokemon Showdown, and Minecraft, to name a few.  Students will meet in Mr. U’s Zoom and split off into rooms based on their game of preference (and are of course free to switch!). 

The Gender and Sexuality/Feminist Club with Thompson and Whittemore: Wednesdays, beginning next week, at 4pm. Zoom link here (Meeting ID: 586 676 3806; Passcode: 742860)

This hybrid club will bring LGBTQIA+ youth and their allies together to discuss relevant social, political and emotional needs of the trans and queer communities as well as the relevant and necessary intersection of feminism and feminist movements. This is a student led club where students choose the direction of each meeting. It will also provide a history of women’s rights, gay rights, and trans rights both nationally and internationally.

MS Mathcounts with Ms. Thole ([email protected]): Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm Zoom link here (Meeting ID: 342 817 0197; Passcode: 665103)

This club is open to all 6-8th graders who are looking for the challenge and creativity of math.  Since in person meets are on hold this year, we can use the winter and spring to hone our math skills and our teamwork and collaboration for problem-solving challenges.  We will be using resources from the National Math Club. During the 2021-22 school year, we hope to attend the Manhattan Mathcounts meet, MoMathalon competition, and Mathleague contests.  Open to students who like to think outside the box, work collaboratively, and exhibit persistence and patience with math. 

Robotics with Moore: Tuesdays 11:55 – 12:40. Zoom link here

The SOF Robotics club is a competitive robotics team that competes in the First Tech Challenge. The team was founded on the principles of being friendly, competitive, and fun and we have consistently placed high in the First Tech Challenge qualifiers. Our team develops our robots from scratch by utilizing existing, functioning designs with our own refinements on top to keep it simple and reliable. We’re looking for enthusiastic members to help put their brains into developing these fantastic machines.  

VR with TBD

Vrchat can be played on a computer if a virtual reality headset is unavailable; Can be similar to circles but more open; participants can come in any (appropriate) avatar they want; moderated media share is an option (if we want to watch a video or anime or a movie); Fun games to play while in the room

World Culture with Scott Chesler and Adrianna Benn:  Tuesdays, 3:10pm.  Zoom link here.

This club will focus on a variety of different countries and the cultures that come with it. We will watch short documentaries, read articles, hear personal stories, and more!

Yoga Club with Ms. Vilchez-Blatt (Parent & Yoga Instructor): Mondays 3:30pm – 4:20pm. Zoom link here (Meeting ID: 897 3785 8915; Passcode: SOFYOGA1)

Open to all students. Stretch, strengthen and move your body with a challenging combination of Yoga and Fitness!  You’ll also learn tools for managing stress and easing anxiety, for helping with insomnia, for overall focus, for self-care and self-love.  This club is also great to support students in their other sports and activities.  Each class will end in deep relaxation through restorative yoga, feeling rested and rejuvenated.  Pets welcome! 

Some clubs are seasonal, if any student is interested in learning more about a particular club or joining, please contact Mr Stayton at [email protected].

Robotics team pic 2 Robotics team planning out robot route