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Salonae Dimagiba

Class of 2020

My reflection:
I have been a student at School of the Future for three years. As I am about to enter the ninth grade, I have changed. My personality sculpted with the help of this school, and community it provides.

Every school is like a second home to any student. It’s the place you go to because you’re obligated to go. I go for more reasons than just that. I go to the this school in particular because I’m comfortable here. I trust this school to teach me. Even though the layers of stairs vex me completely and even though the amount of homework is pressuring, I am still comfortable.

In School of the Future you have a connection with teachers that you don’t normally see. You can tell your teachers how you feel because they care. You can joke with them because they understand, and the teachers still manage to teach us and push us. This helped me as a person because it showed me the qualities a person can have, even if that person is grading your work.

In this school you have a community of people that is extremely diverse. People actually come from around the world to my school. This opens me to different customs, and ways of thinking. As a girl with parents of different cultures and lifestyles I am naturally open to people who live differently and come from different worlds. I enjoy the amount of diversity in my school. It’s different from other schools. Usually schools aren’t as diverse as mine is, and it helped me as a person because it makes me more comfortable with who I am and with other people.

I don’t know what will happen in my next four years of high school, and after that who knows what I will be doing. But I want learn more than what is in the text book, more than what the teachers are supposed to say. I think School of the Future will help with that.