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Vilmarys Pichardo

Vilmarys PichardoAlumni, Class of 2006

Describe the path your life has taken after you graduated from SOF.
After SOF, I followed a path that truly speaks to my interests and values as an individual, member of our society, and scholar. I went from accepting the Posse scholarship for Colby College to transferring to an all women’s college in Oakland, California, where I majored in Economics and explored public radio reporting. Now I am preparing to apply to medical school while completing a Post-bac Premedical program at New York University.

What do you remember most about your experiences at SOF?
What I remember most about my experience at School of the Future are the discussions and learning that took place inside our social science classrooms. Humanities class was a place where my classmates and I had the opportunity to discuss and explore existentialism, issues related to the well being of all members of our society, as well as topics related to injustice. These experiences influenced who I am and what I strive for the most in my personal and professional life.

How did SOF help prepare you for your next steps after graduation?
SOF helped me embrace my creative self and develop intellectual curiosity. It taught me to be outspoken. With the help of my teachers and mentors at SOF, I became more confident in my potential and, year by year, was encouraged to evaluate myself as a student and recognize opportunities for academic growth. Such guidance and encouragement allowed me to take on goals that may have seemed too big or unreachable and has also pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone whenever possible.

What is your advice to current SOF students?
I would advise SOF students to realize that they are capable of pursuing their dreams and achieving meaningful careers. In preparation for college, I would suggest that they practice seeing their classmates and peers as colleagues; people who they could someday work with to build, do, or think up something wonderful for society.

Written with much SOF love!