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SOF Mission Statement.


The Arts

SoF Theatre and Arts, Lisa Sobin

The drama program at SOF brings together students from all grades and dynamics to become a cohesive community on stage and in the classroom. Mrs. G’s drama class, taught in grades sixth, seventh, eighth, and tenth, provides students with an outlet for new emotions and thoughts, gives them an opportunity to explore issues in a safe and fun environment, and encourages confidence to speak up as individuals.

Through dramatic activity, adolescents will become more persuasive in their communications, both written and oral; will be better able to put themselves into others’ shoes and relate to them; and will have a more positive and confident self-image. Throughout the semester, students learn ensemble building, character study, scriptwriting, Shakespeare, stage design, improvisation, storytelling, and more.

The drama program also has a blossoming performance season with two audition-based productions each year—a fall drama or comedy (grades ninth through twelfth only) and a spring musical (grades sixth through twelfth). Past shows have included Guys and Dolls, The Wiz, and Neil Simon’s Rumors. The spring musical is the only school-wide activity at SOF and students are not only encouraged to act and sing, but also to participate in set design, costume design, lights, sound, crew, choreography, and theatre public relations and ticket sales.

For further information on the drama program at SoF, please contact Lisa Sobin at [email protected].   For current info on plays, auditions, casting and more, visit the SoF Drama Director’s website here.


SOF Visual Art

SoF Visual Arts, Janine Kelly

The visual arts program at SOF challenges student’s ideas of what are is and what artists want to say through their artwork. Ms. J’s art class, taught in grades sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth, gives young artists an opportunity to share ideas, listen to one another debate or consider different perspectives. Our emerging artists learn to create strong points of view. They are free to express what cannot be expressed through words.

In the art room students are encouraged to take risks in their artwork. To not do what has been done before but be inspired by master artists. Over the years our artists have been selected for various competitions and summer arts programs, including P.S. Arts, Scholastics Art & Writing competition and International Center for Photography Teen Academy. The art program also has a long-standing partnership with the CMA Animation program. Our student’s artwork is displayed often throughout the school year. A selection of exceptional student work is exhibited at our annual Winter Arts Showcase.

For further information on the visual arts program at SOF, please contact Ms. Janine Kelly at [email protected]


There has been much in the news lately about acts of intolerance and bias in some cases resulting in violence. There have been intense, heated debates over which gender can use a certain bathroom or whether we should move to gender-neutral public bathrooms. Whatever your opinion is on such matters or whatever our perceived differences, we all need to respect one another’s beliefs and choices.

ASSIGNMENT: Our 7th grade artists were given a two-sided sheet with one side being a male icon and the other a female icon. They were asked to choose one side and transform these commonly used bathroom gender icons to reflect who they are and what they believe in. They were asked to think critically and creatively about their identity. They considered the following attributes: Race, Sexual Orientation, Ethnicity, Country of Origin, Style of Dress, Hobbies, Political Leanings, Religion and Music. They had an assortment of paint markers, collage materials, sharpies, glitter glue and white out to choose from.

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SoF Instrumental Music & Theory, David Brathwaite

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