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Welcome Statement

School of the Future: Where students transform intellectually, emotionally, and socially

School of the Future is a small secondary school serving students from 6th to 12th grade. Our dynamic, diverse learning community and staff of educated, caring professionals provide a college and career preparatory experience of meaningful academic and nonacademic activities that broaden students’ emotional and social awareness.


Students need to grapple with ideas and skills that matter to their futures. This is why SOF emphasizes research, persuasive speaking and writing, collaboration, self-reflection, problem-solving, and innovative thinking. Our classrooms pulse with authentic learning and thinking about topics that are relevant to our students’ lives. In place of Regents Exams as a graduation requirement, high school students complete four independent research projects and papers that they present to a panel of teachers and peers. The SOF Exhibition Experience prepares students for what they will encounter at college, in terms of writing, presenting, and defending their ideas. Our middle schoolers, too, work toward a final research project that they will share with peers.


Through our strong advisory program, Circles, students can find community and explore non-academic issues they care about, including ones that relate to the cultural landscape in which they live. They reflect on current events, the health of the SOF community, and their own well-being and goals. SOF is where students practice self-advocacy and empathy and learn to be agents of change for themselves and for others.


School of the Future is dedicated to graduating students who are ready to apply their problem-solving skills, empathy, and innovative thinking to help realize the world they want to see for themselves and others. We are also dedicated to advancing equity and inclusion at every turn, and to encouraging students to incorporate this value into their own worldviews and actions.