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Our Partners

School of the Future works with many organizations outside of the public school system to enrich our students’ educational journey. These groups may work directly with SOF students and faculty as consultants and volunteers and in other cooperative roles. Some of our partners are not prominent in SOF’s daily operations but are essential to our ongoing development as a community. 

College Now 

SOF 11th and 12th graders who are academically eligible can take college classes at Hunter College and Baruch College. This gives students to opportunity to venture into interests outside of what SOF can offer and receive college credit at the same time.

Competency Collaborative

Schools in NYC are shifting to create more equitable learning cultures. Competency Collaborative's active community of 75+ member schools endeavor to make academics and school culture more equitable, youth-centered, and culturally responsive and sustaining.

Gramercy Neighborhood Associates

Since 1912, Gramercy Neighborhood Associates have been dedicated to the needs of the community surrounding the park, and has generously included SOF as a beneficiary. GNA helps run a yearly Career Day at SOF, has donated much-needed books and supplies, and participates in our annual On the Block party.

Global Glimpse

Global Glimpse believes that first-hand exposure to different countries, cultures, and people is one of the most powerful educational experiences a person can have and is essential for developing a new generation of young Americans who think and act as responsible global citizens. They help make these transformational experiences accessible to all young people regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Manhattan Youth

Manhattan Youth is a community-based organization that provides free after-school programming for 6th through 8th graders at School of the Future, including classes and activities in the arts and culture, athletics, literacy, and STEM. Families can sign up for the fall, winter, and spring to ensure their children have fun ways to build community once the school day is over.

Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility

Morningside Center envisions a society where people actively participate in creating a culture of liberation, healing, and deep connection to their communities, natural environments, and the world. Their mission is to facilitate transformative experiences so that members of the school community can have joyful, equitable, and rigorous learning environments. Morningside enhances SOF's Restorative Justice work and our teachers’ ability to develop equitable and affirming spaces throughout the school. 

New York Performance Standards Consortium

Formed in 1997, the Consortium opposes high-stakes tests, arguing that “one size does not fit all,” and has developed an assessment system to promote quality teaching that bolsters rather than compromises our students’ education. The Consortium represents 28 schools across New York State.

Theatre Development Fund

The drama department works with the Theatre Development Fund to bring our students to see Broadway shows at no charge. TDF provides Teaching Artists to lead in class workshops based on themes from the production.