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A Good Place to Start

We're glad you found us!

For students who are part of School of the Future’s community, and those who are considering joining us—we are a student-centered middle school and high school, where your current learning and future endeavors are at the top of our priority list. Here, we share a bit about what life at SOF looks like for you.

Authentic Academics

These days, many academic settings emphasizes high-stakes testing and achievement in fairly proscribed and narrow ways. School of the Future applies its rigorous standards to an assessment process that reflects authentic college and career expectations. Our guiding principle when designing curriculum and assessments is that students need to be challenged with ideas and skills that matter to their futures. With that worldview, we value research, argumentative speaking and writing, teamwork, personal reflection, problem solving, and innovative thinking. These values are reflected in the assignments and projects a student completes at SOF.

Preparing for College and Career

As a college preparatory secondary school, School of the Future is intentional in helping its students prepare for the application process, including identifying colleges/universities that makes sense for their goals. During 9th and 10th grade, we encourage our students to visit colleges, so that they can visualize different scenarios. In 11th grade, students take a weekly college class to navigate the college application and financial aid processes. Our experienced college counselor, Felix Shen, meets individually with students and is available to answer any questions from our families.  

We also support students in considering career interests as part of their college exploration and those students who want to forego college in favor of jump starting their career. In their junior and senior years, students can participate in our internship program that helps them make connections between classroom projects and career options.  

Committed Teachers

Year after year, what students and families love about SOF is our teachers, who are are creative, communicative, and relating educators. They are  available for extra help, responsive to family communication, and diligent in making sure students are supported and challenged.

Restorative Justice

Growth transpires through choices, challenges, conflict, and resolution. Our CCC (Climate. Culture & Counseling) team works closely with teachers and administrators to make sure we are attuned to our students’ social and emotional needs. CCC also works with SOF staff to develop fair and thoughtful policies that ensure students can learn in a safe and respectful environment, learn from their mistakes, and receive coaching and encouragement to repair harm.  

Arts, Clubs, and Extra Curricular Activities

While academics are of keen importance in the run-up to applying to college and exploring career interests, so, too, are extracurricular programs and pursuits beyond the classroom. We encourage all of our students to find ways to collaborate, exhibit leadership and inclusion, and build other parts of their lives and identities. Sports, the arts, clubs centered on shared interests, internships, volunteer positions—all of this is at School of the Future. Keep navigating our website to learn more about them.