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The Exhibition Experience

School of the Future – Exhibition Experiences

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The Foundation of SOF’S High School Program

As a member of the Consortium, SOF is part of a group of high schools that have a waiver from New York State allowing students to complete Exhibitions instead of taking Regents Exams as a prerequisite for graduation.

What is an Exhibition Experience? A 10 to 20-page thesis that demonstrates competency in a core subject: English, History, Math, or Science. 

When do these projects occur? Students select a topic for one core subject at the beginning of each semester in 11th and 12th grades. They finish and present their paper for that subject at the end of the semester.

How are they graded? Students present their final paper and oral defense to a committee of student peers and faculty. Each Exhibition is rated on a rubric that has been approved by the state. The combined grade from the paper and oral defense becomes their final score for the corresponding state Regents Exam. 

Are there any Regents Exams students must take? Students must complete the New York State ELA Exam.

View subject area Exhibition rubrics.

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